Forex trading is a mind blowing, head  spinning USD4 Trillion a day mega industry.  No other industry comes close to this staggering figure.

Don’t be left out in the dust.  Educate yourself and dive into one of the most lucrative business ever.  But beware – it is also a high risk business model.  Without adequate knowledge, training and experience, you will easily get burned.

90% of traders lost money!

But don’t let that statistic hinders you from being part of the successful 10%.  As in all success stories, it is about hard work, perseverance and passion in acquiring knowledge and experience.



Tired of hard work?

Gave up easily?

The only passion that you have is to make money?


I have good news for you!

What if you only have to work 20 minutes a day?

What if you don’t even have enough time to give up?

What if a humongous passion to make money is all that’s needed to well, make money?

Yes!  That’s the other beauty of Forex Trading.

And no, it got nothing to do with a magical brilliant robot that do the trading for you.


Instead, it’s just a very simple method that you might have learned and probably mastered in second grade!

Forex trading is definitely not easy.  Professional traders take years to become good at the expense of effort, time and money before they could even start earning profit.

But here I am, telling you that all you need is 20 minutes a day, to earn like a pro.

Keep on reading and I’ll tell you how…

The Basics of Currency Trading and 9 Forex Trading Strategy Types
Courtesy of: ea-coder.com

Only 9 strategies to master but all sounded very technical and out of a Wall Street trader’s handbook, no?

Don’t worry.  I got you covered but first, I wish to apologize.  Remember I told you that you only need to work 20 minutes a day?  Well, I lied and I am really sorry to have lied right in your face.

The truth is, 20 minutes is still hard work!

Yup… I lied, you actually only need to work 10 minutes a day.  Now you really think that I am telling even a bigger lie don’t you?

Remember that I said, the method is something that you might have learned and mastered as a second grader?  Well maybe you were good and never did it but I know I did – HAH!

Copy!  Yes.  Just copy a professional trader who is good at what he does.  Just like I copied John’s homework and got good mark and a pat on the back.  Well, you see, John was a very clever boy!

So now, you just skip all the ambitious desire to learn and master Forex Trading and just copy.  Make some money fast!  Along the way, you can take your time to study the ins and outs of Forex Trading – stress free.

Below are the only three Forex Brokers that I recommend.


Rated as the Best Forex Broker in Asia is a very big deal as Asia is currently world’s most progressive economy anchored by China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India and to a certain extent, Russia.

With arguably the best Deposit Bonus scheme(major benefit!) in the industry, InstaForex is a hot choice.

With more than 260 rep offices Worldwide, you can be assured of a pampered service bar-non!


Easy Markets

Easy Markets launched the world’s first web-based trading platform in 2001 and has $200+ Million in total deposits and $500+ Billion in trading volume.

Ava Trade

Established more than 10 years ago and with 200,000 registered traders from around the globe, Ava Trade is one of the trusted names in the industry.  If you plan to start with a Demo Account, please scroll to bottom of page.

Pick either one, and you can be assured you will be dealing with a very professional and trusted Regulated Forex Broker.

So, wait no longer.  The longer you wait, the more you are loosing in potential profits.  Sign up with either broker above.  For Forex Broker with Trading Signals, click ForexCopy System

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